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Axis FOM

A software for organizations to keep a track of incoming calls, complaint registration, client history, employee wise reports, reminders, task scheduling, mailers and much more.



  • Complete details like address, phone, fax, e-mail etc
  • Work-to-be-done schedule and plan
  • Marketing Schedule and plan
  • Client history (Installation, Work done visits etc)
  • Phone calls received, complaint registration
  • Important dates like purchase date, AMC due, birth/marriage date etc


  • Complete details like address, phone, imp dates
  • Work schedule for the day/week/month
  • Actions taken during the day
  • conveyance and other expanses
  • Monthly conveyance bills


  • Product details
  • Product-wise client list
  • Product-wise work-to-be done or work done


  • User defined categories for clients, products, employee, work-to-be-done etc.
  • All reports available category-wise. For example Urgent work-to-be-done, important clients, Corporate client, Routine call, Reply-Back call etc.

Special Features

  • Inward/Outward of post, documents, material, items etc can be maintained Mailers and Labels
  • Highly Secure, Netware ready
  • User rights can be defined by Supervisor
  • Predefined message texts
  • User-defined Screen colors
  • Highly flexible reports

Order Report

Marketing Report

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