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Pro II - Accounts, Inventory, ARAP

Exclusive Features

  • Advanced search, sort and filter options
  • Truly windows like user interface with ease of dos, full keyboard/mouse functionality and shortcuts for fast data-entry
  • Save most used options in favorite list
  • Hot key definition
  • Anywhere data (zip media, pen drive etc.)
  • User specific preferences can be saved
  • Industry specific attractive and meaningful themes
  • Custom backgrounds on all views
  • Company logos can be scanned, stored and printed on reports
  • Item images can be scanned and stored
  • Cheque printing facility
  • Control centers for orders, price-list, accounts, inventory etc.
  • Excise module with excise invoice, reporting and transaction tracking
  • Detailed marketing reports (area, agent, salesperson, product, category, company)
  • Unique Entity concept
  • Lite, Single-user, multi-user, client-server versions available
  • Highly parameterized, features can be shown/hidden as per need
  • Single data for multiple companies, multiple financial years
  • Can grow with your requirements
  • Party Signals, limits and validations (do not deal, do not deal without advance etc)
  • Tree type Groups and accounts
  • Incorporated reports for ISO 9000 requirements
  • Copy-paste transaction utility
  • Voucher level zooming from control centers
  • Multiple Voucher series with reporting
  • Supports win 98, ME, 2000, XP


  • User / Super-user
  • Rights and restrictions in Masters, Reports for viewing, editing and deletion
  • Password protection
  • Hardware Dongle
  • Addition data security on secure media

Financial Transactions

  • Sales/ returns
  • Purchase/ returns
  • Payment(Bank/cash)
  • Receipts(Bank/cash)
  • JV(credit/debit notes)
  • Expenses
  • Memo transactions
  • Quotations
  • Bank reconciliation with multiple cheques in same slip
  • Delivery challan based sales
  • Sales linked with purchase for excise reporting
  • Additional Costs of purchase transaction


  • Bill-by-bill and balances only methods of balancing
  • Bill, account-wise payable, receivable and aging analysis
  • Normal and T-format reports
  • Book debt
  • Consolidated outstanding
  • Reference tracking reports
  • Outstanding reminder letters

Optional Modules

  • Costing
  • Job/batch Definition
  • Pricelist module
  • Marketing module
  • Memo Transaction
  • Quotation Module
  • ISO 9002 reporting

PRO-II Versions

  • The features mentioned in the brochure are version specific. The versions available are
  • PRO-II Lite - Accounting without inventory
  • PRO-II Standard (Single user) - Single user Accounts with inventory
  • PRO-II Standard (Multi user) - Multi user Accounts with inventory
  • My PRO-II - Full pack with all Optional modules and customization


  • Multi location
  • Multiple unit (Global and local)
  • Stock Valuation
  • BOM definition
  • Detailed Item definition with photograph
  • Batch, Serial, Expiry maintenance

Inventory Transactions

  • Production/Consumption/Wastage
  • Issue/Return/Transfer
  • Inward/Outward
  • BOM
  • Job/Batch creation and allocation in Inventory Transactions
  • Stock Adjustment


  • Custom print vouchers reports
  • Over 120 comprehensive reports for accounts, inventory, ARAP, Orders available with option of additional user defined reports
  • Graphical views/reports
  • Summary, Detailed, columnar, monthly reports
  • Report/document designer for user specific invoices, mailers etc.
  • Reports can be emailed, Faxed, exported to word/excel
  • Intelligent Narration breakup in transactions for analytical reporting
  • Text (DOS), Graphics printing on DMP
  • Printing on plain paper or preprinted stationary
  • Trading, Manufacturing, Excise invoices
  • Cheque, voucher printing in user defined formats
  • Special reports for analysis across parameters like item, group, account, entity, location, city, transaction, document, date range, amount range etc.
  • Consolidated reports
  • Bank hypothecation and book debt reports
  • Final reports in all standard formats (normal, T format, schedule-wise)
  • Bank slip printing


  • Definitions & association with transactions
  • Pending , Received forms – Party-wise, date-wise

Order Processing

  • Sales & Purchase orders with Schedule definition
  • Auto generation of sales/purchase order
  • Minimum/Maximum, reorder quantity definition
  • Order control centre
  • Pending, executed orders-Party, Item, Date wise
  • Vendor performance report


  • Implementation and data entry services
  • Instant On-line web support
  • Upgrades available directly from the web

Some useful utilities

  • Auto Fifo Ref. adjustment
  • Consolidation Definition
  • Merge Items
  • Party-wise, Item-wise rate and discount entry
  • Copy Master Data from one company to another
  • Database Utilities like Backup, Compact, Recover, Repair Database
  • User defined invoice-detail labels
  • User defined themes

Custom solutions

We have implemented Custom solutions for industry specific requirements for:

  • Distributors of auto-parts, auto-lubricants, Diagnostic chemicals, White goods, electrical goods
  • Engineering and Coating industries
  • IT product dealers

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  • 2.01 Release 6 Patch -358 (14th Jul 2014)
    • Modified “Export to XML” for ACES according to the latest ACES format.
    • Added “Receive Date” in Form Transaction
    • Modiified “Form Register” and “Form Reminder “ reports for considering Recieve Date
  • 2.01 Release 6 Patch -357 (30th May 2014)
    • Added option for posting reminder from Purchase Order
    • Improved Reminder Form
  • 2.01 Release 6 Patch -356 (22th May 2014)
    • Added new report Special->Item Groupwise Stock Status report
    • Allowed search in “Edit Format”-> Name column in report selection screen
    • In Financial entry, changed party credit limit check for outstanding amount and restrict save if limit exceeded
    • Added Transaction Entity in Sort, Filter, Column selection in
      • Outstanding -> Account Receivable
      • Outstanding -> Account Payable
  • 2.01 Release 6 Patch -355 (8th May 2014)
    • Added Copy /Paste functionality in Quotation transaction
    • Modified reports
      • Reports àSpecialàBatch Stock Status
      • Reports àSpecialàPartywise Itemwise sales below purchase price.
  • 2.01 Release 6 Patch -355 (23rd Dec 2013)
    • Added new report special->EntityWise Itemwise Percentage Commission Report
    • Shown Last Purchases with the hot key (Ctrl+P) while entering item details in Sales Transaction in
      • Financial Entry
      • Sales Entry
      • Cash Sale Entry
      • POS Entry
  • 2.01 Release 6 Patch -354 (26th Oct 2013)
    • Added “Quantity” column in special->Quotation Report
  • 2.01 Release 6 Patch -354 (26th Oct 2013)
    • Added “Quantity” column in special->Quotation Report
  • 2.01 Release 6 Patch -353 (27th Aug 2013)
    • Added option “Exclude Items having No Transaction” in
      • Stock Status
      • Batch Stock Status
      • Stock Ledger Summary
  • 2.01 Release 6 Patch -353 (22nd Jun 2013)
    • Added new report Inventory->Itemtypewise Itemewise GP Report
    • Added Item Description, Item Specifications & Other Details columns in Opening Stock Listview
  • 2.01 Release 6 Patch -352 (19TH May 2013)
    • Added Special->Batch Stock Status report
    • Modified Quotation Report
    • Added sorting on Item Code in below reports
      • Dead Stock
      • Expirywise Itemwise Report
      • Load Sheet
      • Item Transaction Report
      • Itemtypewise Itemwise Valuation
      • Itemwise Columnar Sales Expences
      • Itemwise Columnar Sales Expences Summary
      • Godown Day Book
      • Itemwise Expirywise Report
      • ItemWise PartyWise Report
      • Itemwise Sales Summary
      • PartyWise ItemWise Report
      • Stock Ageing
      • Stock Hypothication Report
      • Stock Ledger
      • Stock Ledger Summary
      • Stock Status
      • Stock Valuation
    • Added Item Code column in edit format in below reports
      • Expirywise Itemwise Report
      • Itemwise Columnar Sales Expences
      • Itemwise Columnar Sales Expences Summary
      • Itemwise Expirywise Report
      • Stock Ageing
    • In A/c Receivables (T-Format) with reference details report, added contact person in ‘Address’ printing
    • Shown ‘contact person’ in Tooltip displayed on Report Options->Account selection grid
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