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Axis Titracad  is an essential and helpful tool for Architects, Structural engineers, Interior designers and professionals working with engineering and CAD drawings, images and other resources. It helps in chronicling project drawings, revisions and transmittals.


Maintain contact details of Clients, Contactors, Architects, interior designers etc.


Manage and maintain employee details. Employees can record work done on specific projects drawings on a daily or hourly basis. Employee cost can be calculated based on this work entry.


Projects can be grouped by size, government, institutional, Hotel, Industry, Bungalow or any other parameter  For each project, project units and unit levels can be defined (can be chosen/edited from standard pre-defined templates).

Project resources (Drawings, images etc)

Drawing numbers are auto generated that uniquely identify project, project unit, unit level, drawing revision etc. Their locations in the IT setup can be saved for easy retrieval. Along with drawings, paths all the other resources like images, docs, xls can also be saved. Email communications can be copied and saved. 

Pre-defined Categories

You can define and maintain Drawing size, Drawing titles, Client types, Project Type, Project Status, Project Units, Unit Levels etc. This helps in maintaining data elegance.


You can generate interesting custom reports by filtering, sorting and querying your data. E.g. it takes just a few clicks to get a list of ‘rural projects’ ‘completed’ in 2008 for government organizations. Or list of drawings for ‘water tanks’ in ‘industrial projects’. 

Based on the data entered you can generate some important pre-defined reports

  • Project-wise schedule of drawings
  • Year-wise (date-wise) project list
  • Project cost report
  • Category-wise project list
  • Employee Work report 
  • Time Report – Daily and monthly

Other General Features

  • Multiuser Application with user rights
  • Powerful search, filter and sorting utilities in contacts, projects, drawings etc.
  • Define unlimited tags & search them for easy retrieval of information.
  • User-friendly explorer-like GUI Export data and reports to excel, PDF




Designed and developed by Kumbhdesign Inc.