27 May by Shailendra Goyal

Android App for Visitor Management System

Benefits of using an Android App for Visitor Management System

Android App for visitor management systemOur Android app for visitor management system can immensely improve the task of managing and facilitating visitors in an organisation.

  • Visitor self-registration – This android app can replace a visitor self-service kiosk. Our android app for visitor management allows visitors to take a selfie and enter their details. The operator at the reception simply verifies the data entered by the visitor, gets an approval from the host and prints a bar-coded visitor badge.
  • Appointments for visitors – Employees in an organisation (hosts) can create visitor appointments from their android devices. Visitors will get an e-mail and SMS alert, providing them details of the appointment.
  • Cancel appointments – Hosts can cancel future appointments from their android devices. Visitors will receive an email and SMS notification of the appointment cancellation,
  • Appointment status – Hosts can see the status of today’s, future or past appointments on their android app for Visitor Management System.
  • Approval for walk-in visitors – For walk-in visitors, security staff can create an approval request. The hosts will receive a notification on their android devices. They can approve, reject or forward the meeting request to someone else in the organisation. Using an android app for visitor approval is a huge advantage – it allows hosts to approve or reject a visitor from anywhere, not necessarily from their office desk.
  • Visitor verification – Security staff can scan a visitor pass and verify visitor details anywhere in the organisation.
  • Visitor Entry-exit– Security staff can scan a visitor badge to mark entry or exit of a visitor.
  • Role-based features – The android app provides features based on user role. Hosts and staff members can access appointment features, security staff will be able to access verification and entry-exit, Visitors can use self-registration module.

Notes on the usage of Android App for visitor management system

  • The Visitor management android app works with a hosted web application available at AGPweb.
  • The app can be used by registered users of the web application
  • The android app does not work with a locally hosted version of AGPweb.

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