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Video: Returnable and non returnable Material Gate-pass

Returnable & non-returnable Material Gate-pass (RGP, NRGP) For more details please contact us on +91-9898067784, http://www.smginfotech.com Axis Gatepass Facility management application provides RGP and NRGP modules for material inward and outward workflow. The features of this module are: Users can create a Material outward request. A custom approval-workflow can be defined. Email and SMS alerts

Returnable and Non returnable Material Outward software

Material outward workflow RGP/NRGP Application Video Inward and outward of stock items is usually managed by a stock and inventory application. However, non-stock items like movable assets, IT equipment like laptop, PC, smart terminal etc. is not a part of standard inventory system. For e.g. a Server monitor has to be taken out of the