Contract Labor Compliance Management

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Axis Gatepass, a facility management platform provides Contract labor compliance management module for prevention, real-time and predictive alerts on contract labor compliance breaches.

Labor laws in India safeguard the rights of employees and contractual workers. The implementation and compliance of labor laws is governed by both, the State as well as the Central Government. Complying to the labor laws is essential and non-negotiable for every business enterprise. A breach in labor law compliance is not only a legal hassle, it can snowball to a complete lockdown.

Axis Gatepass, contract labor compliance platform is a configurable module with pre-defined compliance instances. There is a provision to receive real-time alerts of a compliance breach or a daily digest of all the breaches.

Some of the pre-defined compliance instances are

  • Entry without a weekly off
  • Maximum weekly work hours/OT exceeding/exceeded
  • Contractor labor license expiring
  • Work order expired/expiring
  • Labor license capacity exceeded
  • Medical check-up not done/expired/expiring
  • GMP/Safety training expired/expiring
  • Work order capacity exceeded
  • Female worker entry during night shift
  • Blacklisted worker entry

In addition to the predefined compliances, new instances can be developed in the compliance platform for the specific needs of the enterprise.

For more details please visit Contract Labor management system.

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