Visitor and Contract worker Management – Covid19 Update

COVID-19 will leave a lasting impression on how businesses are run in future. All current systems will have to provide additional measures to alleviate threats posed by this new contagion.

COVID-19 has posed new threats for Businesses. We have updated our Visitor and contract worker management software to include specific fields and MIS vital to track and restrict COVID-19 spread. The following enhancements are made in our visitor and contract worker management software –

  1. Entry allowed only for pre-approved visitors. No walk-ins.
  2. Possibility to record visitors’ lock-down Exemption pass number.
  3. Recording of visitors’ body temperature.
  4. Recording of Visitors’ Self-declared travel history.
  5. Maintain Visitor people contact list (with tracking)
  6. Check Arogya-Setu application in Visitor Mobile.
  7. Capture and store visitors’ AADHAAR card details.
  8. Completely Non-touch operations.

We have deployed special support staff, who are working from home, to implement visitor and contract worker management software during COVID-19 lock-down.

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