Web based Visitor Management Software

web based visitor management software

Web is the future of Visitor management systems

Our Web based Visitor Management Software, uses latest technologies to eradicate some of the major inconveniences faced in client-based visitor management software.

  • Rapid Deployment. One can start using our web based visitor management software immediately since there is no hardware or software to install.
  • High adoption rate. Since most of the users are familiar with internet and browser functionalities, a web based visitor management software has a high adoption rate, with a lower learning curve.
  • No installation required on clients PCs. Installing visitor management system client application at a large organisation of say 500 users can be quite tedious and time consuming. It also poses issues like admin access, anti-virus immunity for application resources, issues with installing device drivers, no CD or usb access etc. A web based visitor management software is pre-installed on a server and is available anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy updates. Any upgrades in the visitor management software are directly installed on the application server and is available to all users instantaneously. No patch is required to be installed on any user PC.
  • Low cost of usage. A web based visitor management software is available at a very low initial cost, since it’s a subscription based.  Moreover, since the application is preinstalled on a server, there is no additional cost for hardware, software and the manpower needed to manage it all.
  • Service oriented architecture (SOA). This architecture allows easy integration with multiple client applications on devices like Android phones, Iphone, Ipad, Windows Tab  etc.

Following are some distinguishing features of our web based visitor management software

  • Visitors can self-register and create an appointment request
  • Hosts can create visitor appointments and authorise walk-in visitors
  • Security staff can verify visitor credentials by checking appointment details and photo id cards
  • A Gatepass (visitor badge) can be printed after security verification and host authorisation.
  • Visitor mobile phone number verification utility
  • Visitor’s image, fingerprint, photo-IDs is stored for future rference
  • Integration with card scanner to Auto-fill visitor details
  • Identification of blacklisted visitors
  • Safe-keeping record of visitor’s material (mobile phone, laptop, camera left at security cabin)\
  • Restrict visitor vehicle entry based on approval from host
  • Important notifications and alerts by SMS or Email

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