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Asset Tracking Software

Asset Tracking Software

Enterprises today, need to maintain an accurate location and inventory of their valuable assets. It's important to account for and track the movement of portable assets like laptops, gas cylinders, construction, catering or medical equipment.  Our asset management and tracking software uses barcodes or RFID tags to generate and dynamically collect accurate data that enables identifying exact location of every asset.

Why Asset Tracking Software

  • An asset tracking software becomes important if portable assets are issued to employees or contract workers.
  • It’s important to know the present owner and exact location (department, site or outside the organisation) of every asset.
  • Tracking assets in large organizations with large user-base, multiple assets, constantly moving between multiple facilities from different entry exit points can be a daunting task.
  • A software application can easily track location of an asset using a barcodes or RFID identifiers 

Features of Asset tracking software

  • Asset categories like IT equipment, electronic devices, maintenance equipment etc.
  • Asset master – Asset name, specification, asset ID number, serial number, image, other asset specific details
  • Asset Inventory - Manage stock and inventory of all Assets.
  • Asset Allocation - Allocate asset to an employee, staff member or contract worker.
  • Asset check-in / check-out - Record check in / check out by scanning barcode or RFID tag.
  • Auto in/out - Intelligent auto-in-out detection logic to minimize human errors
  • Alerts - Audible voice and email Alerts for missing in or out
  • Regularization - Role based regularization of check-in / check-out
  • Asset control Center - Highlights current owner, location and department, recent check-ins and check-outs
  • Asset classification - Assets can be classified as active or inactive (inactive assets cannot be assigned to employees)
  • Multi-site - Possibility to track asset movement in multiple sites and multiple entry exit points
  • Extensive MIS - Detailed Reports and logs
  • Custom Labels and badges - design your own Asset label with barcode
  • Option of web or local hosting.
  • Supports thin clients

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