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Digital signage and Information Display System

Digital information display system

Digital Signage is not just for public places and advertising. Enterprises today use  digital signage & Information display systems to disseminate HR and sales Information, alerts and notifications at strategic locations like lobbies and recreation centers. Our intelligent display systems offer simple and comprehensive controls for managing multiple display devices that can display user defined content for employees and visitors.

Dynamic Information display at strategic locations is not just convenient, it helps in implementing systems and portraying that you care. Our software application can help in displaying custom Information on all popular devices like TFT, LCD and LED Monitors. Following are some examples of information that can be displayed

  • Total Manpower in the organization
  • Department-wise Attendance information of employees and contract workers in Time office
  • Employee of the hour/day
  • Canteen Menu of the day
  • Meeting room occupancy information
  • Staff bus timetable
  • Employee Birthday notifications
  • Visitors and contract workers in the organization
  • Advertisement content
  • Information for visitors
  • Safety instructions
  • Sales and Financial information  
  • Organization layout and Map

Our digital signage and Information display system is driven by a dynamic software application with the following features

  • Manage unlimited information display units
  • Schedule and pre-plan information content
  • Capture display data from multiple data sources like excel files, SQL or Oracle database
  • Target specific content on a specific location or display device
  • Display multiple content - Audio, video and images  
  • Network software application
  • Thin client support

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