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Corporate Mailroom Software *

corporate mail room software

Corporate mailroom Software can be used for maintaining inbound and outbound records of corporate mail, parcel, packages, documents etc. The web and android based application allows easy distribution of inbound packages to recipients in various departments. The android app records proof of delivery to the recipient - by storing recipient's image and signature with each delivery.



Features of Corporate mailroom software

  • Web application with android client 
  • Can be hosted on local intranet
  • Maintains record of inbound and outbound mail-packages
  • Allocate mail-packages to courier
  • Capture proof of delivery (recipient image and signature) on android device
  • Offline Delivery confirmation - synch on connectivity
  • Email notifications to sender and recipient - arrival, receipt, pod
  • Reoprts - package tracking

* Note: The application is in prototype stage. Can be made available for implementation in live environments with a lag time of 30-60 days. 

Designed and developed by Kumbhdesign Inc.