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Axis Gatepass - Visitor Management System

Visitor management system, visitor badge software

Axis GatePass is a reliable and comprehensive web based Facility management platform. It has many useful modules like 

  • Visitor Management System
  • Contract Labor Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Staff Canteen Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Returnable & non-returnable Material inward/outward workflow
  • Android App for Visitor Management 

The software manages activities at Entry and Exit points of an organization. It maintains record of Visitors, contract labour, Vehicles, assets and material. The authorization work-flow validates and allows permissions for all transactions in the application. The software provides access-control infrastructure for visitors, contract workers and employees.      

The visitor management software generates visitor pass (badge) for authorized entry & exit of visitors, vehicles and material. These passes can be designed with photographs and barcodes. Axis Gatepass uses advanced technologies and devices like face recognition, finger prints, GSM modem, and visiting card scanner with OCR, digital pen, Time & attendance device and HID tags to give an integrated & technologically futuristic solution.

Axis Gatepass is an integrated web based visitor management system with versions and modules available on Desktop, Web & Android mobile devices.

General Features of Visitor Management System

  • Record entry, exit of visitors, contract labour, vehicles and material.
  • Authorize all entries.
  • Pop-ups and alerts on client PCs for Visitor authorisation.
  • Allow, Hold or Reject a visitor
  • Visitor Pass (badge) formats : Use from the database or design your own.
  • Custom labels and fields, add your company logo.
  • Intensive onscreen and back-office MIS.
  • One day and long-duration, multi-entry visitor pass.
  • Customize data entry forms (fields and labels)
  • Informative control centers at current visitors, visit history, waiting for authorization, online users.
  • Data Import: Users, departments, contract labour.
  • Archive or Purge historic data
  • Intuitive and simple user interface for security users.
  • Chat module between security and staff.
  • User and Role definition

visitor pass badge softwareVisitors

  • Capture new visitor data by visiting card scanner.
  • Subsequently, use visitor details from the database.
  • Capture visitor Photograph (or use existing in the database), fingerprints, vehicle photograph etc.
  • Generate instant passes for visitors with prior-appointments.
  • Online Visitor Authorization by network protocol or GSM-SMS.
  • Blacklist visitors, all visitors from a company.
  • Merge duplicate visitor and company data.
  • Easy sign-out with Bar-code reader.




  • Connect your LDAP user list & no need to define or update your users in AGP.
  • Pre-define default meeting location.
  • Change your online status at available, busy.
  • Forward visit request to another staff member.
  • Define alternate user to handle visitor request in your absence.
  • Create visitor appointments for quick pass generation at the Main gate.


contract labout software

Contract labour

  • Manage Contractor and Contract labour details.
  • Allow entry only to authorized contract workers.
  • Issue time barred ID-cards with Photo and bar-code to contract workers.
  • Option to interface bio-matrix device and track entry/exit by finger-print device.
  • Safety instruction certificate.
  • Maintain attendance and work-hours of contract workers.
  • HR can Terminate or extend validity of a contract worker.
  • Generate statutory reports



Visitor software - material outwardMaterial Outward

  • Define Items
  • Define multiple, sequential authorizations for material outward.
  • Two types of outwards - returnable and non-returnable.
  • Print bar-coded (optional) material outward gate-pass.
  • Track inwards against outwards.
  • Reports - over-due items, Inward/Outward register.




SMS Gateway and GSM Modem

  • Predefined SMS Templates for Authorization, appointment, Welcome and farewell messages.
  • Visitor authorization by SMS (using GSM Modem).
  • Send Appointment creation message
  • Send Appointment cancellation message.
  • Send Thanks for your visit message to the visitor.

Email Integration

  • Predefined Email alerts for Visitor announcement, appointment, Welcome and farewell etc.
  • Send email to visitor and host on Appointment creation and cancellation.
  • Visitor arrival and left email to Host.
  • Thanks for your visit mail to the visitor.


  • Allocate different Entry, Exit gates.
  • Enter from any gate exit from any gate.
  • Allocate specific security users to specific gate.
  • Synchronize entry and exit.

multi-site visitor management software Multi-site

  • Host a central application server.
  • Remote sites can access the application server to run a local application.
  • Single Universal database for global MIS.
  • Remote site application will display local data (local visitors, users).

Chat Module

  • Security users can initiate a chat with online staff members and vice-versa.

Multi Tenant

  • Allows single security for multiple Tenants.
  • Can be used in buildings and complexes having multiple organisations.
  • Can be used in Residential and housing establishments.

staff canteen management softwareStaff Canteen management software

  • Manage multiple Staff Canteens (at single or multiple locations) with a central database
  • Multiple POS terminals in each canteen
  • Choice of POS Terminals – Time and attendance device, PC with barcode or Proxy card reader, PC with Employee password Authentication
  • Various modes of employee identification like – Biometric (Fingerprint), Proxy card, Barcode Card, password authentication
  • Visitor and Guest approval workflow
  • User defined Multiple Canteen coupon print formats
  • Display current menu on TV terminal
  • Define Menu Items with price and subsidy
  • Define Multiple Menus – Canteen and Time specific
  • Time based Auto menu - for e.g. breakfast menu during 8-10 AM, Lunch Menu during 12 to 2 PM
  • Usage data regularization
  • Employee or Guest Authentication (by fingerprint, proxy card, barcode card or password)
  • Menu item selection
  • Canteen Coupon print
  • Reports - Staff, Contract worker, Guest Food usage report
  • Exception reports like “Employee absent but food consumption”

Useful Utilities

  • Merge duplicate companies (e.g. SBI, State bank of India).
  • Merge duplicate visitors (e.g. S. B. Singh, Satyadev B Singh).
  • Blacklist visitor or visitor company.
  • SMS sending utility (security to users).
  • Inactive users (not shown in active user list).
  • Import master data.

Android app for visitor self registration

Our Android App for visitor self registrationandroid reduces data entry effort for the security staff. it is a graceful way of getting visitor details and improves user experience.

It is very simple to use.

  • Visitor self registrationOn an Android device (phone or tab) download and install the Android App for visitor self registration from Google play store.
  • Open the App and login with a user-id with ‘Security’ role.
  • Place the android device at a convenient location for visitors to take selfies and enter thier personal details.
  • The details entered in the android device by visitors will appear on Security PC.
  • The security staff verifies the details entered by the visitor and sends it to the host for Authorisation.
  • The host reviews and authorises the Visitor.
  • The security staff records add
  • itions details like material carried by the visitor, vehicle details etc.
  • The Security personnel prints a Visitor Gatepass (visitor badge) and allows the visitor inside.



Devices Integrated with Axis gatepass visitor management software

  • Bar code readers and printers
  • Web and IP camera
  • Door Access devices and turnstiles
  • biometric devices like finger print reader, face recognition
  • Visitor signature pad
  • Visiting card scanner with OCR 
  • Magnetic and RFID card readers


Schematic diagram of Axis gatepass visitor management software

visitor pass (badge) software schematic diagram
































SMG is pionieer in developing solutions for visitor managemnt. our visitor mangement software is installed and used by renouned businesses worldwide. The visitor management software can be used by small as well as very lagre enterprises. We have installations inorganisations with 10 uesrs and upto 5000 users.  Call us for a free no oblibationdemo and trial version.

Axis Gatepass - Visitor Management System   Axis Gatepass - Visitor Management System  Download

ADWOQS - Doors & Windows Optimisation and Quotation Software

Aluminium window design software

Axis ADWOQS is a software application for design, optimization and quotation of Aluminum & UPVC windows and doord. This application designed for the specific needs of Aluminum & UPVC doors and window makers.

Features of Window design software

  • Create Items (Aluminum or UPVC Extrusion, Glass, Hardware like locks handles, gasket etc).
  • Define parties (Vendors and suppliers).
  • Create Designs (For E.g. 2 rail 2 shutter) and bill of materials (BOM).
  • Quantity of each item used in a design is automatically calculated in quotation or cutting process based on actual dimension of the door or window.
  • Generate quotation quickly by selecting a design and providing approximate dimension.
  • Helps in calculating cost, provision to include cost of value addition like powder coating, anodizing,labour etc.
  • Maintains multiple versions of a quotation.
  • Accurate measurements can be entered or order confirmation and after site survey.
  • Dispatch (Delivery) with delivery challan printing.
  • Invoice with Invoice printing.
  • For each production order you can generate -                                          

                     o   Cutting optimization for extrusion for minimum wastage.  

                     o   Unique labels for each component.

                     o   Hardware required.

                     o   Glass requirement.

  • Maintain stock and inventory of extrusion, UPVC, reinforcement, glass, hardware, gasket, nets, chemicals etc.
  • Many useful reports are generated like – 

                      o    Design Sheet – with BOM, Item images

.                     o   Quotation BOM.

                      o   Site Survey sheet.

                      o   Cutting optimization sheet.

                      o   Cutting layout sheet.

                      o   Inward and Outward register.

                      o   Invoice and Delivery Register.

ADWOQS - Doors & Windows Optimisation and Quotation Software   ADWOQS - Doors & Windows Optimisation and Quotation Software  Download

Cinematix - Software For Ticketing System

Cinematix is a modern, affordable and flexible ticketing application for cinemas,  theatres, arenas, stadiums and concert venues. Theatres Ticketing System is a generalized program designed for  theatre owners of India. Program helps in managing operations of ticketing and allotment of seats to buyers for current show or for advance booking. The specification were developed jointly with the customer and a state government nominated expert for compliance with the entertainment tax rules, however, it could be customized according to the needs of other government rules, Multiplexes for multiple screen etc.


  • The system maintains ticket series and supports audit trail for sales, unutilized or returned tickets.
  • All tax reports are generated. Regular and compound tax.
  • Available seating can be made visible at the time of booking.
  • User-friendly interface with quick booking.
  • Phone booking and advance booking.
  • Ticket Cancellation (Admin Feature).
  • Three important modules

                            o Head-office – for business and franchise management 

                            o Theatre (franchise) Back office

                            o Theatre (franchise) POS

  • Highly secure, synchronized and temper-proof application design – show, sale and collection data at theatre synchronized at HO. Control number/days of movie from HO. Possibility on real-time or offline synchronization.
  • Consolidated and individual theatre reports at HO – territory-wise, movie-wise, and distributor-wise.
  • Live ticket sale positions at HO – across city, territory movie wise (in real-time synch).
  • User-rights at theatre can be controlled by HO.
  • Highly flexible – define theatre seat arrangement, VIP seats, unavailable seats, show timings, tax structures, ticket types.
  • Historical records – by genre, distributor, actor, director, language etc.
  • Multiple ticket formats.
  • SMS integration for marketing messages, booking confirmation, “collect ticket’ intimation.
Cinematix - Software For Ticketing System   Cinematix - Software For Ticketing System  Download

Axis PharmaSerial - Pharma Serialization Software

Axis PharmaSerial is a windows based offline manual solution for creating parent-child relationship and generating XML for uploading on DAVA portal,  It is simple, affordable and on time.

As per recent budget, pharma exports have increased tremendously and managing them has become tiresome and timeconsuming. Therefore Government of India has come up with some guidelines through DGFT(Directorate of Foreign Trade). As per DGFT's notification, pharma exports must be tracked throughout its logistic chain.  Our product will help your organization facilitate track and trace by creating parent child relationship and generate various XML files as per DAVA portals mandate.


  • Define Manufacturers / Brand Owners / Exporter and Merchant Exporter / Responsible Entities
  • Create Product Master.
  • Create batch Master.
  • Define Production Details
  • Create Parent-Child relationship as per guidelines.
  • Generate XML files so as to upload on DAVA Portal.

It will enable you to print a 2D Data-matrix human-readable barcode on Secondary packs and 1D barcode on the Tertiary packs as per GSI Global Standard. You may maintain parent-child relationship for the three levels of packaging i.e. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. This data shall be uploaded on the central portal of the Government of India ( before the release of the drug formulations for sale or distribution.

Our Software will help your organization to have increased security for your products from counterfeiters and diverters as well as help you gain supply chain efficiency. Unique serialized code placed at each packaging level are linked with each other through an aggregated tertiary secondary parent-child relationship. As a result of this aggregation, if a barcode is scanned, it will provide the ability to track and trace products from the point of packaging. 

This software will let you bring transparency in supply chain and ultimately reduction in time and cost efforts. Hardware integrations are as such defined so as to suit to your infrastructure and skill sets. Pharma serialization software will help you overcome your potential difficulties in serializing and labelling your products and gives you an edge through compliance with global standards (GS1).

Axis PharmaSerial - Pharma Serialization Software   Axis PharmaSerial - Pharma Serialization Software  Download


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