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Axis PharmaSerial - Pharma Serialization Software

Axis PharmaSerial is a windows based offline manual solution for creating parent-child relationship and generating XML for uploading on DAVA portal,  It is simple, affordable and on time.

As per recent budget, pharma exports have increased tremendously and managing them has become tiresome and timeconsuming. Therefore Government of India has come up with some guidelines through DGFT(Directorate of Foreign Trade). As per DGFT's notification, pharma exports must be tracked throughout its logistic chain.  Our product will help your organization facilitate track and trace by creating parent child relationship and generate various XML files as per DAVA portals mandate.


  • Define Manufacturers / Brand Owners / Exporter and Merchant Exporter / Responsible Entities
  • Create Product Master.
  • Create batch Master.
  • Define Production Details
  • Create Parent-Child relationship as per guidelines.
  • Generate XML files so as to upload on DAVA Portal.

It will enable you to print a 2D Data-matrix human-readable barcode on Secondary packs and 1D barcode on the Tertiary packs as per GSI Global Standard. You may maintain parent-child relationship for the three levels of packaging i.e. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. This data shall be uploaded on the central portal of the Government of India ( before the release of the drug formulations for sale or distribution.

Our Software will help your organization to have increased security for your products from counterfeiters and diverters as well as help you gain supply chain efficiency. Unique serialized code placed at each packaging level are linked with each other through an aggregated tertiary secondary parent-child relationship. As a result of this aggregation, if a barcode is scanned, it will provide the ability to track and trace products from the point of packaging. 

This software will let you bring transparency in supply chain and ultimately reduction in time and cost efforts. Hardware integrations are as such defined so as to suit to your infrastructure and skill sets. Pharma serialization software will help you overcome your potential difficulties in serializing and labelling your products and gives you an edge through compliance with global standards (GS1).

Axis PharmaSerial - Pharma Serialization Software   Axis PharmaSerial - Pharma Serialization Software  Download


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