visitor management system

Visitor Management System for Large Enterprises

Advanced Visitor Management System for Large Enterprises

Axis Gatepass is a highly evolved and comprehensive Visitor Management System designed for large enterprises.

It is a platform designed with a focus on quick and easy visitor entry without compromising on environment, health, safety and security considerations. The extensive range of features, functionalities, use cases, and workflows in our visitor management system can be fully customized to align with your organization’s specific protocols and requirements.

It offers an innovative solution that streamlines the process of registering, tracking, managing, and regulating visitor entry and exit.
Axis Gatepass not only enhances the security of your premises by providing real-time monitoring and detailed visitor logs, but it also significantly improves the visitor experience, making it smooth and professional.
Axis Gatepass is equipped with advanced features such as paper-less and touch-less visitor entry, visitor safety training, multi-level approval workflow ensuring that only authorized visitors can enter your premises.

Key features

  • ID & Access control device integration
  • Web & Mobile application
  • Cloud or locally hosted
  • Paperless and touch-less operations
  • Custom visitor pass formats
  • Visitor blocking
  • Visitor ID-Docs vault
  • Multi-level approval workflow
  • Visitor Review and feedback
  • Security command & control centre
  • Visitor Self-registration by QR codes
  • Short-links for appointment creation
  • Visitor safety training & Self-declaration
  • Custom Visitor pass/e-pass formats
  • Quick collaborative data entry
  • SMS, Email, Whats-App Alerts
  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • Analytical and graphical reports
  • GDPR part-11 and VAPT Compliant

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    Custom Visitor Pass Formats (Visitor badges)

    Visitor Pass Format-2
    Visitor Pass

    Axis Gatepass visitor management system allows you to create your own visitor pass formats highlighting your Brand, EHS information, do’s and don’ts etc. The custom pass can contain visitor details – photo, ID proof, visit instructions and protocol, location map, QR/barcode to view visitor details using a mobile device or for check-in and check-out. You can design the pass in a layout dimension most suited to your requirements.

    Interesting Use-Cases of Visitor Management System

    Visitor with an Appointment

    Employees can create appointments and invite visitors for a meeting. Visitors can confirm or request to reschedule the meeting. Visitors with appointments can show their E-pass on arrival and get a quick entry.

    Visitor Self registration

    The QR code check-in feature for walk-in guests, allows visitors to swiftly scan a QR code to request a meeting. Upon approval, guests are promptly admitted, streamlining the check-in process and significantly reducing reception workload.

    Meeting request link

    Employee can share their unique meeting-short-link with prospective visitors. Visitors can use this short-link to create a meeting request. On approval visitor receives an e-pass that can be used for quick entry and exit.

    visitor safety training

    Visitor Safety training

    Present day visitor management is all about improving safety and security within the organisation and for the visiting guests. The safety training feature ensures that all the visitors are well aware of the safety and security protocols of your organisation. Safety Training Video

    Invite a visitor

    Visitor Self-Declaration

    To ensure legal, regulatory and indemnity compliances, it is essential that Visitors are aware of the terms of the visit. This feature records visitor confirmation that they agree to the terms & conditions of the visit. The terms can be related to Fire, safety, environment & health policies.

    visit feedback

    Visitor feedback & rating

    Visitors can scan a QR code to rate their visit experience and provide insights. The feedback can highlight issues encountered and suggestions for improvement. This can ensure a more efficient visit for future guests and enhance organisation reputation.

    Disclaimer: The features and functionalities of visitor management system listed here are licence, version, device and module dependent. As the application is constantly evolving, some of the features listed here may have changed, upgraded, deprecated, missing or completely removed. Some of the features may be in development/testing/prototype phase and may require additional development effort, time and cost to be available in production environment. Some of the features are tailor made for specific installations and may not be available in the standard application. 

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