29 Mar by SMG info

VMS for Celebrity Homes

Axis Gatepass software can be installed at Celebrity Homes for managing visitors. The software meets their enhanced security and safety requirements. Some features of VMS for Celebrity homes are mentioned below

  • No entry without prior appointment
  • Multilevel approval workflow for appointment in VMS
  • Graceful and quick entry-exit for VIPs
  • ‘Material-with-Visitor’ like Mobile Phone, Laptop, Camera –allowed only with prior approval
  •  Visitor Vehicle – allowed only with prior approval
  •  Provision to validate Identity documents
  •  Very stringent Black-listing logic to restrict impersonation
  •  Biometric Recognition – Fingerprints, Face recognition
  •  Visitor self-registration on tablets and I-pad
  •  Group Entry – for caterers, house-keeping staff, event management staff etc.
  •  Separate entry-exit points  for Guests & staff

Event requirements for VMS

  • Event Guest-list management – approval & invitations
  • Guest Status
  • QR coded invites to restrict gate-crashing
  • Record Guest entry-exit


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