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VMS for Hospitality

Security and Safety today is of paramount importance for the Hospitality industry. Digital VMS for hospitality(visitor management system) helps in prevention, restricted admission, vigilance and accountability in dealing with visitors to a Hotel.

Guests and staff by design get due diligence by way of Hotel Management systems implemented at almost every hotel across the globe. Data for Visitors and contract workers entering the premises is not maintained properly or considered important, but is the single largest cause of mishaps.

Important Security Features of VMS for hospitality and Hotel Industry

Visitor Identity data is captured and stored

  • Approved Government Photo-ID like driving License, Passport and National ID card is scanned in stored in the system.
  • Date Validity of ID Proof is checked.
  • Mobile number Verification
  • Visitor Photograph can stored
  • Visitor Fingerprints can be stored
  • Visitor Face recognition data can be stored
  • Visitor Company details, Verified email-Id is stored
  • Visiting card image can be stored
  • Visitor Signature can be stored
  • Visitor Identification – from previously stored data

Visitor can be identified by any of the unique fields like

  • Government approved ID Number, Email-ID, Mobile number
  • Biometric – fingerprint, face recognition

Online approval and authorization for entry of a visitor

  • A visitor is not allowed entry without the host (usually hotel staff) approving a request
  • Details of approval are stored in the system
  • Time duration of visit is stored
  • Over-staying alerts (on E-mail, SMS) can be generated

Visitor/Organization Blacklisting

  • A visitor or all visitors from an organization can be blacklisted
  • Requests for entry of blacklisted visitor cannot be generated
  • Blacklisted visitors are identified by their digital, documentary or biometric IDs
  • Any request for entry by a black listed visitor would raise an alert

Restricted Access to Visitor

  • Allowed and restricted locations for a visit can be defined
  • Color coding on the pass for visual inspection
  • Possibility to integrate with digital door access system
  • Pre-Approval of Visitor

Hosts can authorize/approve a visitor in advance for quick entry of VIPs
Multi-Level authorization of Visitor

  • Multi-Tier authorization for visitor approval
  • Host, Security, Admin – single or multiple approval work flow
  • Approval workflow by e-mail and SMS

Authorisation for Material with visitor

  • Visitor is allowed to carry only approved material
  • Multi-level material authorization by host, security etc.
  • Non-approved material can be left for safe keeping
  • On Exit – verification of material taken inside and return of material kept for safe keeping

Authorization for Vehicle Entry

  • Visitor’s vehicle is allowed only after Multi-level authorization by host, security etc.
  • Vehicle type, registration details, photo can be captured and stored.

Single/multi Day Entry Pass

  • Visitors are issued single or multiday passes
  • Passes can be printed on paper with visitor photo and barcode
  • Multi-day passes expire after validity and an alert is raised if used after expiry.
  • Alerts for Overstaying visitors are raised
  • Entry and Exit is marked using Barcoded passes or smart cards

Extensive reporting

  • Statistical and graphical reports
  • Rush hour analytical reports
  • Exception reports and alerts – on SMS and Email
  • Log books and registers
  • Query reports like


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