19 Apr by Shailendra Goyal

XML Generation for new DAVA Portal

Software for XML generation for DAVA Portal (contact us at +91-9898067783)

We have developed a unique and simple software for XML generation for DAVA Portal. This software helps in generating Product, Batch and TSP (Tertiary-Secondary-Parent child relationship) Files in XML Format for uploading at dava.gov.in.

DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade), Government of India Vide their Public Notice No. 05/2015-2020 dated 9th May 2018 has provided relief and extended the date for Implementation of track and trace system for export of Pharmaceuticals and drug consignments and uploading XML files of Parent-Child Relationship on central portal (http://dava.gov.in). The notice states that

“Export of drugs manufactured by SSI and non-SSI units and having manufacturing date on or before 15.11.2018 are exempted from maintenance of data in the ParentChild relationship for three levels of packaging and it’s uploading on Central Portal (http://dava.gov.in).

  • All drugs manufactured by SSI or non SSI units and having manufacturing date after 15.11.2018 can be exported only if both tertiary and secondary packaging carry barcoding as applicable and the relevant data as prescribed by DGFT is uploaded on the Central Portal.
  • Effect of this Public Notice: The date for implementation of Track and Trace system for export of drug formulations with respect to maintaining the Parent-Child relationship in packaging levels and its uploading on Central Portal has been extended upto 15.11.2018 for non SSI manufactured drugs as well as SSI manufactured drugs.

We provide a economical and dependable software solution for aggregation and generation of XML files on DAVA Portal. A solution that takes care of serialization, track and trace and maintains parent and child relationship in packaging and GS1 India labeling. The software application is designed to automate this process for DGFT compliance and generates XML files to be uploaded at dava.gov.in, the central government portal. The software application maintains data for

  • Product
  • Manufacturer
  • Batch
  • Production details
  • Generates GS1 India Barcode labels for Secondary and tertiary Packs

Use our software for XML generation for dava portal and make your operations compliant with India’s DGFT regulations.

We have developed a flexible software application to create XML files, that can be directly uploaded at the central portal of the Government of India (dava.gov.in). The application maintains a parent-child relationship between Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary packaging.

DGFT’s Track and Trace Requirements for Exported Pharma Products

As per DGFT’s directive, pharma companies need to implement track and trace requirements as mentioned in their Public Notice 13/2015-2020.

As per this Notice, DGFT requires all exported pharmaceutical products from India to be marked and coded with GS1 barcodes at various packaging levels. The Notice also directs exporters to maintain and upload this coding information with product hierarchy (parent-child relationships) to DGFT’s central portal ‘DAVA’ before the consignment is released for sale or distribution.

Video Links

https://youtu.be/-7jvwHMtf-w – Pharma serialization software demo
https://youtu.be/XLpP0ubbpRI – Continuous GS1 data-matrix label printing from Pharma serialization software

To know more about us, XML generation for DAVA Portal and the solutions we provide, please contact us at sales@smginfotech.com or +91-9898067783.


Contact us for more details on +91 98980 67783 or sales@smginfotech.com

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