30 Year Anniversary

30 Years of  SMG

30 year

Join us in our 30 year celebrations!

🎶We are hip and nerdy

Simple-soft yet sturdy

All our little bugs were

eaten by a birdie

We’re happy happy ho

As we are turning thirty

Time may fly or stop now

but we are turning thirty🎶

We are very glad to inform you that we are 30 years old. Without you, this journey would not have been so much rewarding.

Time flies, it really does. And leaves behind footprints – some are washed away quickly, but some remain far beyond our expectations. When we look back in time, some footprints outshine and unabashedly proclaim – “been there, done that”!!!

These footprints are our software solutions, gallantly working for the high and mighty (and how mighty!!!)

  • The first residence of India
  • The perpetual-money-making currency printing press of India
  • The famous residence of the richest Indian
  • The 136-year-old renowned multinational technology corporation that invented the spark plug and windshield wipers
  • The largest container shipping line and vessel operator in the world
  • The largest publicly-held food and drink processing corporation in the world
  • The third-largest passenger bus manufacturer in the world
  • A 200-year-old company that introduced toothpaste in a collapsible tube
  • A Pharma company that developed the world’s first and only needle-free COVID-19 Vaccine

Clearly, we have been in good company! We were fortunate to be summoned and entrusted. Our team was dedicated and passionate. We delivered. Our solutions sustained as time continued flying.30 year

Join us in our 30 years celebration.

We bring to you a promotional scheme, SMGenie for the year 2022.

  • Your wish shall be granted
  • Ask any of our products at a price that you feel is right
  • Ask for a feature that you think is missing in our application
  • Ask us for anything that you feel we are capable of
  • We shall try our best to fulfil your wishes
  • The decision of SMG would be final and binding

On this occasion, we have made some posters  that you can use to display at strategic locations. It will help the users and stakeholders of the applications.

Download the Posters as a way of saying “Congratulations on your 30 year Anniversary”

  1. Canteen Management
  2. Visitor Management
  3. We will update this space as we have more posters for you. We solicit your comments/feedback/requests.

Do give us a call! We’d be so happy to talk to you. You can also drop an email!