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What is Meeting room booking software and why should you use it?

Meeting room booking software can simplify the process of reserving meeting rooms, conference spaces. It streamlines the entire process, from checking room availability to making reservations, managing bookings, and providing insights into space utilization. Here is why you should use a Meeting room booking software:

  • Efficient Resource Management: Optimize the utilization of meeting rooms by providing real-time visibility into room availability, preventing double bookings, and maximizing space usage.
  • Time-Saving: Instead of relying on manual processes or emails to book meeting rooms, the software offers a centralized platform where users can quickly check availability and make reservations, saving time and effort for both employees and administrative staff.
  • Reduced Conflicts and Disruptions: By offering a clear overview of room availability and scheduling conflicts, the software helps minimize disruptions and conflicts, ensuring smooth and productive meetings.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: With features like booking reminders, room amenities, and integration with calendar systems(proposed), meeting room booking software makes it easier to schedule and plan meetings efficiently.
  • Cost Savings: By optimizing space utilization and reducing wasted resources, organizations can save on overhead costs associated with underutilized meeting rooms or unnecessary space expansion.
  • Insights and Analytics: The reports provide valuable insights into space utilization trends, peak usage times, and areas for improvement.

Meeting room Configuration

  • Seating capacity
  • Max meetings per day, week or month,
  • Usage restrictions & approvals (available to a select group – department or designation)
  • Facilities available in the meeting room (AV equipment, projector, tea/coffee maker etc )

Meeting room Dashboard

  • Ongoing and upcoming meetings.
  • Vacant meeting rooms
  • Features and facilities available in the meeting rooms
  • My bookings – users can view upcoming and past meetings.
  • Approvals – Meeting room admins ca approve or reject booking requests

Booking workflow

  • Raise a meeting room booking request
  • Invite co-workers & visitors to join the meeting.
  • Mention specific needs for the meeting.
  • Two-level Approval Workflow
  • Reschedule, Cancel or extend the Meeting
  • Email & SMS notifications

Meeting Room External Display

Fixed at every meeting room entrance.
Displays Meeting room name with current & upcoming meetings

Meeting Information Display

  • Wall mounted large screen display
  • Shows scrolling list of upcoming meetings.
  • List of location based meeting rooms. For e.g. upcoming meetings on 5th floor in the admin building.

Other Interesting Features

  • Calendar Integration:-Syncs with calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook (Proposed).
  • Customizable Booking Rules:-Admins can set rules for booking, such as maximum duration, advance booking limits, recurring bookings, etc.
  • Room Details and Amenities:-Admins can set rules for booking, such as maximum duration, advance booking limits, recurring bookings, etc.
  • User Permissions:-Different levels of access for users, admins, and managers, allowing control over who can book which rooms and for how long
  • Notifications and Reminders:-Sends automatic notifications for booking confirmations, reminders before the meeting, and alerts for any changes or cancellations.
  • Reporting and Analytics:-Generates reports on room utilisation, popular time slots, and frequently used rooms, helping optimise space allocation
  • Integration with Facilities Management:-Connects with facilities management systems to report issues, request maintenance, or provide feedback on room conditions.
  • Mobile Accessibility:-Accessible via mobile devices to book or manage rooms remotely, catering to on-the-go scheduling needs
  • Check-in/Check-out:-Allows users to mark their presence when they start and finish meetings, ensuring better room utilization and tracking no-shows
  • Multi-location Support:-Manages bookings across multiple locations or branches, enabling centralized control and visibility.

    Disclaimer: The features and functionalities listed here are licence, version, device and module dependent. Some of the features may be in development/testing/prototype phase and may require additional development effort, time and cost to be available in production environment. Some of the features are tailor made for specific installations and may not be available in the standard application. 

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