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Video: Visitor Management System – Advanced Features

A good visitor management software needs to be feature-rich. However, a system would make sense when it understands and accommodates the organization’s requirements and customizes itself to enhance the productivity of current processes. Only then it can replace the manual process effectively. With the help of this video on this series of quick video tutorials

Video: Visitor Management – Visitors with Appointment

Welcome to the second video on this series of quick video tutorials on the AXIS® Gatepass visitor management software system. This video explains the process of generating a visitor gate-pass for a visitor with a prior appointment. An organization receives both walk-in and preapproved visitors hence a smart visitor management software must have capabilities to register

Video: Visitor Management System – Walk-in Visitor

The significance of technology is apparent in today’s era, and when it comes to a professional organization the advent of technology becomes even more crucial. AXIS® Gatepass is a computer aided facility management system to increases the productivity, efficiency and security of various operations in an organization. It comprises modules such as Visitor management system, Contract

Visitor and Contract worker Management – Covid19 Update

COVID-19 will leave a lasting impression on how businesses are run in future. All current systems will have to provide additional measures to alleviate threats posed by this new contagion. COVID-19 has posed new threats for Businesses. We have updated our Visitor and contract worker management software to include specific fields and MIS vital to

Visitor Safety Training

Visitor Safety Training Software Imparting visitor safety training and ensuring that visitors are aware of safety and emergency protocols is important to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Visitor safety is an integral part of EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) policy within any organisation. It involves implementing procedures and systems that makes a work

Quality Inspection Software

Contact us: +91-9898067783, sales@smginfotech.com Quality inspection of a product or process is an integral part of a business cycle. Our Quality inspection software is helpful in defining the inspection plan and recording inspection results. It also allows you to define a workflow for the final approval or rejection of a product or sample. Quality Inspection

Managed Entry for Gated Communities

Managed Entry for Gated Communities and Apartments is imperative in today’s world. No Security protocol can be complete without screening and validating every single visitor that enters your community. Why Managed Entry In a large community housing it is impossible to restrict or take informed decisions without a digital entrance management system. A manual system

Visitor management for Schools

Visitor Management for schools has become important looking into the current spate of unfortunate events creating news headlines. It’s important for schools authorities to monitor and authorise visitors who enter into the school premises. Visitor management for schools Axis Gatepass visitor management software for schools provides significant features to authorise, manage and restrict visitors. Some

Paperless Access Management

Paperless Access Management The client brief was precise – they required a secure and paperless access management system for their Employees, Contract workers and visitors. We planned, developed and successfully implemented a paperless access management system. It was desired that Visitors and Employees should not be asked to disembark from their vehicles for validating their Entry/Exit. The

Android App for Visitor Management System

Benefits of using an Android App for Visitor Management System Our Android app for visitor management system can immensely improve the task of managing and facilitating visitors in an organisation. Visitor self-registration – This android app can replace a visitor self-service kiosk. Our android app for visitor management allows visitors to take a selfie and