Best Visitor management software

Our prospective customers often ask,”Which is the best visitor management software?”

The answer is not simple. We suppress our sales instinct to blurt out, “Axis Gatepass is the best visitor management software” and try to explain that it
Best Visitor management softwaredepends on a lot of factors like


A visitor management system can start with a very simple and basic requirement that Visitor details should be recorded in a PC at the main gate. In real life though, the needs may be quite complex like

  • There can be multiple entry and exit points in the organisation and a visitor can enter or exit from anywhere.
  • Digital authorization from employees required before a visitor can enter
  • Visitors cannot be allowed without a confirmed appointment
  • Valid Visitor Identification is required
  • Visitor bio-metric details (photograph, fingerprints etc) are to be captured
  • Visitor vehicles can be allowed only if authorized by an employee
  • Material with visitor can be allowed only with proper authorization and should be verified on exit
  • Group check-in for multiple visitors
  • Custom format of visitor pass (visitor badge)
  • Authorized visitors can avail canteen facility
  • Visitors should have restricted access in the organisation
  • Visitor overstaying alerts to be sent to security and host

Desktop, Web-hosted or a Locally hosted Solution

A desktop solution is suited to smaller organisations with limited users. However, for a large organisation with complex requirements, a web based visitor management system will be a more practical choice. A locally hosted solution can be opted by organisations where organisation policies restrict hosting private data on public domains.

Preferred usage & licensing model

A visitor management system can have primarily two licensing policies

  • A one-time perpetual or periodic subscription – For large enterprises with more users it’s better to go for a perpetual license.
  • A periodic subscription license – For organisations with limited flow of visitors, contract labor and employees and who prefer an operational expense instead of capital expense.

Modules and features required

A visitor management system can have many add-on modules that may have an additional license cost like

  • Bio-metric identification and verification of visitors, contract labor and employees
  • Visiting card scanner with Optical character recognition
  • Turnstile & door access integration
  • Information display systems on LCD monitors
  • Asset tracking – allocatio, entry, exit and current location
  • Canteen usage by visitors, contract labor and employees
  • Material outward workflow

Technology and device integration

A visitor management software constantly needs technological upgrades. Integration with latest devices like web-camera, ip-camera, visiting card readers, signature pads, bar-code and magnetic card readers etc. is of prime importance. The more devices integrated with the software the more flexibility and usability it provides.

Verdict: Best Visitor management software

The best Visitor management software is one that is best suited tor your requirements and budget.


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