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Contract Labour Management System

contract labor management system

Why a Contract Labour Management System(CLMS)?

Employing contract workers ensures a substantial saving in salaries, insurance, healthcare, leaves and other allowances. Organizations world over are adopting a workforce model with a small core group of permanent employees and a contingent of temporary contract labour force. 

Our Contract Labour Management software is based on the best practices designed and followed by successful industry leaders. It is a highly efficient and reliable software platform where custom policies can be defined for managing your contract labour workforce. The software application can play an important role in streamlining  contract labour accounting and saving HR and Management time. The contract worker management software is highly adaptive and grows with your needs.

Features of CLMS

  • Record Contractor and Contract labour bio-data, demographic details
  • Maintain insurance, police verification, Provident fund details of contract labour
  • Issue time barred ID-cards with Photo and bar-code to contract workers.
  • Allow entry only to authorized contract workers.
  • Device integration with time and attendance devices, turnstile etc.
  • Track entry/exit of contract workers by finger-print, proximity cards or bar-coded passes (badges)
  • Bulk Renew contract worker passes (tokens) 
  • Blacklist a contract worker
  • Safety instruction certificate with expiry
  • Maintain attendance and work-hours of contract workers.
  • HR can Terminate or extend validity of a contract worker.
  • Generate statutory reports
  • Supports thin clients

Contract Labour Management system Video

Best practises of Contract Labour Management System

  • Demographic details - Maintenance of certified identification and demographic details for contract workers – A detailed biodata of each contract worker is saved in the system with details like – personal, educational, family, home-town, police verification, insurance, PF registration etc.
  • Certified identification – Identification data issued by Government or reliable agencies like Nation ID (Adhar Card), Voters ID, Driving license, PAN card etc. can be stored in the application.
  • Biometric details - like photograph, fingerprint, Iris-map are stored in the system for authentic identification of contract workers. Biometric authorisation is a reliable method to curb Proxy Attendance.
  • Attendance – All entries and exits are recorded in time and attendance machines – using fingerprints or proxy-card.
  • Restricted Entry – A contract worker is denied entry on infringement of any vital requirement like expiry of medical or accident Insurance, driving license, contract terms, work permit dates etc.
  • Restricted numbers - Restrict entry to the required number of contract workers – You can set daily count of required contract worker in each department. The application will restrict entry to contract workers and raise an alert when the entry count crosses the pre-defined limit.
  • Safety and performance training - The dates of safety and and performance training (for e.g. CGMP training) are stored in the system and an alert is raised when a refresher training is due.
  • Who’s where – in case of emergency and  disaster recovery it is important and the application provides the count and location of contract workers.
  • Material issued - Material issues to or returned by contract worker is recorded in the system.
  • Canteen Usage - Canteen food usage can be recorded and related reports can be generated.
  • Alerts & Notifications - Pre-defined Email and SMS alerts, notifications and exception reports can be generated

Installations of Contract Labour Management System

  1. Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (Tata Power)
  2. Amneal Pharmaceuticals Co.(India) Ltd
  3. Colgate – Palmolive (India) Ltd
  4. Pernod Ricard India Pvt. Ltd
  5. Mukand Ltd.
  6. Pepsico India Holdings Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Shapoorji Pallonji & co. Ltd.
  8. Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Ltd.
  9. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
  10. TI Cycles of India

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