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Asset Tracking software

Why asset tracking software?

Assets are important to businesses. An asset tracking software becomes important if assets are issued to employees and move in or out of the organisation. Organisations invest heavily on movable assets like laptops, mobile devices, hand held equipment. These assets are issued to employees or contract labour. It’s important to know the present owner and exact location (department, site or outside the organisation) of every asset.

Tracking assets in large organisations with many users, many assets, constantly moving in and out between multiple facilities from different entry exit points – can be a daunting task. Digital Asset tracking systems can make things simpler by automizing steps involved in safeguarding company assets. The infographic below highlights some features of an asset tracking application

Asset tracking softwareOur software for tracking movement of Assets is reliable and deceptively simple. Being a web hosted solution it can be up and running from day 1. The following list gives some features of our asset tracking system

  • Define asset categories like electronic devices, maintenance equipment etc.
  • Create Asset master – Record specification, asset ID number, serial number, image, other asset specific details
  • Allocate asset to an employee, define current location
  • Asset check-in / check-out recorded by scanning ID on the asset at entry exit points.
  • Intelligent auto-in-out detection logic to minimise human errors
  • Audible voice and email Alerts for missing in or out
  • Role based regularisation of check-in / check-out
  • Asset control Center to highlight current owner, location and department
  • Assets can be classified as active or inactive (inactive assets cannot be assigned to employees)
  • Possibility to track asset movement in multiple sites and multiple entry exit points
  • Detailed Reports and logs
  • Custom Asset ID barcode print format
  • Option of web or local hosting.

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