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Rewards and Recognition

Case Study : Rewards and Recognition

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The Client

A large multinational company, with over 30,000 people worldwide, providing industrial and mobile drive & control systems.

The Challenges and the Requirements

The requirement was generated by the Human Resources department of a facility located in Gujarat, India. They required a role-based software application with approval workflow to manage their Rewards and recognition program. With growing business and increasing work-force, it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage and monitor the Rewards and recognition program using Excel sheets. The specific requirements were

  • Human resource department can define annual Rewards and recognition budget for all departments
  • Department managers can nominate deserving employees of their department for a reward or recognition
  • Head of the department can approve, reject or edit the nomination (amount)
  • After approval, employees should be informed about Reward and recognition
  • The payroll department should be informed and should upload confirmation of reward amount paid to the employees
  • Exception handling and workflows to manage reward limits, prejudice and penchant, under or over utilization of budget etc.


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Research showed that employee engagement, productivity and performance are 14% higher in organizations with a proper rewards and recognition program than in organizations without one.

How has the project helped the client?


With rewards and recognition policy definitions in place, the application allows only valid nominations, payment after approval, payment confirmation etc


All stakeholders are aware of the process, budget, nomination, approval and payment of rewards (limited by role).

Turn Around Time

The workflow ensures a quick turnaround – from nomination to approval all stakeholder receive email notifications and reminders to complete their task

Reliability & Accuracy

The project ensured that a reward can only be processed with required budgets available. It also helped in tracking and reallocating unused budgets.

Team Building

Dashboard reports provided a healthy internal competition between departments to outperform and win rewards.


A reward rarely goes unnoticed. It becomes a social recognition. A framed appreciation certificate in the drawing room of an employee is nothing less than a free advertisement.


Why should you have a well-defined Rewards and Recognition program?

Human Resources studies have proved beyond doubt that implementing a Rewards and recognition initiatives can

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Drive employee engagement
  • Attract new talent by employee referrals
  • Improve teamwork and collaboration
  • Create a positive work culture
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

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The Solution

We developed and deployed a locally web hosted Rewards and Recognition application. The following steps explain the application development and implementation process

  • Our team conducted several meetings with the HR department and other stakeholders to clearly understand the requirement.
  • We presented an SRS (software requirement specification) document and an application wireframe prototype.
  • We developed the application following the SCRUM methodology. The regular feedback and review from the client ensured that the developed application had minimal gaps.
  • The developed application was jointly tested with sample data on a cloud hosted test server. All the bugs, UI issues, suggestions and feedback from the client were implemented during this stage.
  • A trial run with real data was done by a team identified by the client. The team verified the complete fulfillment of the requirement.
  • The application and data were transferred to a production server for live usage.

What are the best Practices for Employee Rewards and recognition programs?

  • Top-Down approach – the top management should be actively involved and aware of the benefits.  Rewards and recognition are an investment and not an expense.
  • Well-defined process and policies – The rewards and recognition process and policies should be clearly defined and all the stakeholders should be aware of the
    • Goals, targets and method to qualify for the reward
    • Overall Budget and upper limits for a single reward
    • Reward nomination process
    • Reward approval process
    • Reward amount payment and confirmation (for monetary rewards)
  • Celebrate – Rewards and recognition are not meant for just individual or monetary benefits. The top management should
    • Announce and celebrate achievements
    • Encourage continuous and frequent recognition
    • Encourage comradery – help others to achieve
Top-Down approach
Well-defined process and policies