19 Feb by Shailendra Goyal

Cinema Ticketing software

Cinema Ticketing SoftwareCinema ticketing software works in real time. It should function like a well oiled machine – quick, fast and intelligent.

For multiplexes, Fridays, weekends and Blockbusters are a real test of their cinema ticketing application. One can expect huge queues at the ticket window, the phones ringing insistently for booking and seat availability. People at the window continue asking about various options with multiple shows, screens, seating position.

People with advance booking would not want to wait in a queue to get their tickets. An online ticket booking customer may want to cancel or reschedule their prior bookings. A person on the multiplex toll-free line may need the operator’s assistance…phew… And we are not considering the phenomenal back-office operations yet, which can be huge compared to the point of sale operations.

So, unless the Cinema ticketing software is good enough to handle the rush hours, it can spell chaos for a multiplex. Ideally a cinema ticketing application should be intelligent, quick to respond to user requests and reliable.

Why Cinema Ticketing Software?

Cinematix is a modern, affordable and flexible Cinema ticketing software for Cinema theatres, Multiplexes, arenas, stadiums and concert venues. Cinematix helps in managing operations of ticketing and allotment of seats to buyers for current show or  advance booking. The specifications were developed jointly with the customer and a state government nominated expert for compliance with the entertainment tax rules.

Cinematix is a comprehensive client server application with desktop and web modules for box-office and online booking. It has back-office applications for the multiplex (or franchisee), head-office (or franchise) and film distributor. Cinematix has a highly secure, scalable, synchronized and temper-proof application. The data from each screen can be synchronized with the HO – in real-time or offline mode.

Cinematix has a provision to dispense ticket from a self-service kiosk – with provision to attach currency acceptor, credit card reader and barcode printer.

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