9 Oct by Shailendra Goyal

Multi Site Visitor Management system

Implementation of Multi-location or Multi Site Visitor Management system poses many application and implementation challenges. Consider the following Scenario

Scenario using Multi Site Visitor Management System

  • Multi Site Visitor Management SystemThe servers are located at the company headquarters in Chennai, India.
  • There are 6 locations where visitor management system is to be used – 4 in Chennai, 1 in Halol and 1 in Mumbai.
  • The database and application is to be hosted at the headquarters in Chennai.
  • Location wise resources – Each site will have site specific resources – Users, departments, Meeting locations, Visitor & contract worker Badge formats.
  • Generally, all users should have access to their local resources only. For e.g. the security staff should see hosts of just their site.
  • There can be needs where a Host can create a visitor meeting at a non-native site, or Security at Entry points can set up appointments for non-native hosts (a visiting host from a different site).
  • All data entry and reports and processes should be site specific and transparent to a user. For e.g. User master data import should be able to import site-specific users only.
  • Location wise Policy – Each site can have  different policy for single day and multi-day visitors. The approval workflow can be different at each site. For e.g. at Head-office there can be single level approval for visitor appointments and material outward, whereas at manufacturing plants there can be 2 level approval for visitors and 3 level approval for material outward.
  • The badge and other print formats and language for each site can be different.
  • Each site will have multiple entry, exit and internal access points.
  • Application parameters like Vehicle entry policy can be different for head office and factory. In the Head office there is no requirement to record vehicle details, whereas in manufacturing plants vehicles can be allowed in the premises after necessary approvals.
  • Reports – Reporting in a Multi-Site Visitor Management system poses a major challenge – in a simple case all users will view native reports, but there may be specific users who will have the rights to view reposts of specific or all sites.

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