24 May by Shailendra Goyal

Paperless Access Management

Paperless Access Management

The client brief was precise – they required a secure and paperless access management system for their Employees, Contract workers and visitors. We planned, developed and successfully implemented a paperless access management system. It was desired that Visitors and Employees should not be asked to disembark from their vehicles for validating their Entry/Exit.

The client is a renowned cargo terminal and a ship repair yard. The site is located at a mountainous terrain by the sea and is spread out over a very large area. It was important for the security and facility management staff to be aware of people’s location (who’s where).

Paperless Access ManagementRequirement Brief

  • Visitors can come with prior appointments or can be allowed to enter after an approval from a company employee. Approvals should be recorded in the system.
  • Visitors can be issued pre-validated contactless RFID cards that can be waived near a fixed or mobile sensor to view, validate  and log entry/exit at a specific gate.
  • Employees and contract workers to be issued personalised RFID cards.
  • Contract worker cards to have date validity and can be renewed.
  • Employees while in staff bus or personal vehicle need not disembark. They can be to be validated and allowed access by security staff using a hand held terminal.
  • Time and attendance reports to be generated for Employees and contract workers.
  •  The RFID cards issued to employees and contract workers can be used in the staff canteen. Employees and contract workers can wave their cards at the canteen POS for ordering food. For contact workers canteen usage is pre-paid whereas for employees it is post-paid.

Tools used for implementing the above requirements of a paperless access management system

Handheld terminal for validating and logging entry-exit of Employees, Contract workers and Visitors
Handheld terminal for validating and logging entry-exit of Employees, Contract workers and Visitors

Canteen pos terminal
Canteen pos terminal

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