26 Mar by Shailendra Goyal

Returnable and Non-Returnable Material Gatepass

Returnable and Non-Returnable Material Gatepass (RGP, NRGP)



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Axis Gatepass Facility management application provides RGP and NRGP modules for material inward and outward workflow.


Features of Returnable and Non-Returnable Material Module
  • Users can create a Material outward request.
  • A custom approval-workflow can be defined.
  • Email and SMS alerts are sent for every new request.
  • Approvers can “Approve” or “Reject” a request.
  • Once an outward request is approved, the request is seen at the security gate.
  • An e-pass can be generated or a physical, barcoded Material Gatepass can be printed. This outward pass can be given to the vendor and can accompany the goods on return.
  • Security can inspect, scrutinize, and verify the Material leaving the premises with quantities, serial numbers and specifications mentioned in the Gatepass.
  • Photographs of the material & vendor can be stored with the outward transaction.
  • Photo ID and Vehicle details of the vendor/carrier can be stored with the transaction.
  • Barcode stickers can be affixed on the material going out for easy identification on return.
  • The material is considered to be outward only after approval by gate security.
  • For returnable materials, a pending log is maintained.
  • Before the expected day of return – email alerts can be sent to vendor, initiator, and security.
  • When the returnable goods arrive back at the security gate, the security person can scan the barcode on the Gatepass or the material to open the Transaction and marks the inward of the returnable item.
  • An alert is again sent to the initiator informing about the arrival of returnable material.
  • Initiator can complete the full RGP cycle by flagging-off “Material Received”.
  • Multiple MIS reports like Outward register and pending Returns are available.
  • User defined fields are available.
  • Custom outward Gatepass designer is available.Returnable and non-returnable material

For more details, please refer to RGP and NRGP software.


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