18 Sep by Shailendra Goyal

Visitor Information display system

Vision and Information are vital for Security.

Security breach almost always occurs due to lack of vision, knowledge, intelligence and advance planning. An insignificant, behind-the-scene occurrence can sometimes become the root-cause of a major calamity. With information projection on LCD’s nothing remains clandestine or behind the scene.

Axis gate pass – visitor & contract labour  management system (CLMS) – is now available with visitor information display system. All vital information of visitors and contract labours can be projected on LCD Monitors for observation, supervision, planning and decision making.

Users of Axis Gatepass visitor and contract worker and staff management software can now project vital information on strategically placed  LCD Monitors for decision makers to take appropriate action and plan ahead to minimize security lapses.  The Visitor information display monitors can be placed on all vital locations like main gate, visitor lounge, security manager office, Admin office etc. You can also decide what information to project at each location.

Visitor Information display system

The following information can be projected

  • Visitors over-staying
  • Visitors waiting for approval
  • Visitors expected today
  • Total strength in the organisation (Staff + Contract workers + Visitors)
  • Visitor concentration – in a department, with an employee
  • Staff Canteen – display today’s menu

Visitor information display system

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